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Review of the Ikea ektorp sectional



I’ve always wanted a sectional. Not just any style though. I wanted a pottery barn style: fabric, comfortable, and neutral. Unfortunately, my dream pottery barn sectional was out of my price range. However, after doing research and visiting my local Ikea store, I fell in love with Ikea’s Ektorp Sectional in Tygelsjo beige. It has the exact look of a pottery barn sectional at a fraction of the price.

After having the sectional for a few months now I still love it! Here’s why…


When researching this sectional, one review said that her husband thought the couch was small. My husband is 6 feet tall and fits just fine. He actually thinks it’s incredibly comfortable. In fact, our master bedroom smelt like paint one night (diy bed frame) and we both slept on the sectional comfortably. We were impressed. The cushions are made of foam so if you have an issue with that, it might not be for you. I find it very cozy and comfortable.


It is completely slip covered. I spot clean mine weekly and every few months remove all of the covers and wash them in the washing machine. It’s a fabulous feature. I have an almost 3 year old and a large dog…this sectional has seen lots of dirt, pizza, and orange juice. After washing, it still looks brand new. If your cover does tragically get ruined, for as low as $99 you can just buy a new cover!


You definitely can’t beat the price. Ours was $799 with our choice of slip cover. If you want a fancier cover then it could be $100-$200 more. The twin pottery barn version would run you thousands of dollars.


I was weary about purchasing an Ikea sectional, however, I’m very pleased with the quality of the cover and structure. Additionally, it was easy to assemble, which can’t always be said for Ikea purchases. The cushions are easily fluffed and so far, haven’t been left with permanent  “butt impressions”.

I love the style of this furniture. It compliments my farmhouse-style home perfectly and keeps with the nice neutral tone that I was looking for. All I get are compliments on it and people saying they want to buy one for themselves.


If you think this sectional is for you, I have a few tips for you.

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  1. Purchase a spot cleaner you don’t have to rinse. I recommend “FOLEX Instant Carpet Spot Remover” that can be purchased at your local home improvement store. This stuff is amazing. The best part is all you do is spray, agitate (scrub), and dab. No worries about leaving a ring of cleaner left over or having to rinse with water afterward.
  2. Wash your slipcovers in at least two separate loads. Cushions in one and base cover in the other. Like I said, I wash mine every few months but that’s up to you.
  3. Put your slip covers in the dryer for only 10 minutes then take out and air dry. Allow to air dry until slightly damp or almost dry. Put slip covers back on the sectional and cushions while almost dry. This will keep them from being too difficult to get back on and will also help with preventing too many wrinkles. I lesves my cushions standing upright the the sectional for a bit to let them dry the rest of the way once the covers are on. Another wonderful tip I learned during my research is to clothes pin the corners to allow them to dry close together and straight.


Well, I hope you find that this sectional is just as great as we do! Overall, you just can’t beat it for the price!