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Stainless Farmhouse Sink, the Centerpiece of the Kitchen

Well, I think it’s about time I introduce the centerpiece of my kitchen. I told my husband that I didn’t care what else was in the kitchen as long as I had THIS sink. The Kohler Vault Apron-Front stainless steel sink. If I wasn’t already in love with my husband and family, I would say I was in love with this sink. 🙂 ok wait, there’s room in my heart for this sink too!


Why this sink, you ask? Well let me tell you!

1) Beautiful mixture of farmhouse and industrial.

When most people think of a farmhouse sink a porcelain, apron-front sink comes to mind. However, with porcelain comes stains from strawberries and grape juice…both loved foods in this home! They can chip as well. In steps stainless steel. While stainless also has its cons (scratches), its worth it for the impressive industrial apron front this one has.

2) Shortened apron-front

Previous farmhouse sinks require a mini-remodel of the sink base cabinet. The aprons are so long the the cabinets below the sink have to be shortened and replaced completely. The Kohler Vault apron-front is only 7 inches of beautiful apron-front and fits in most sink bases already.


3) 9 inch depth even with the shortened front

Ever had a visitor show up without notice and you haven’t done the dishes? No worries! This sink will hide them for you! Love it! The deep base hides a layer of dishes that can only be seen when you come within a few feet of the sink! Keep my surprise visitors at a distance and I’m happy 🙂 hehe



4) I chose the top-mounted version

While most kitchens I’ve seen with granite counters have under mounted sinks, I personally love the look of an apron-front sink that is top-mounted. I like that the sink is even with the top of the granite and not beneath it.


Now, just to be fair, I will give one con of this sink, but only one! The sink base isn’t sloped toward the drain, it’s perfectly level. What this means is the water, food, etc. must be sprayed toward the drain or it has a tendency to pool a little bit. It’s not a big deal to me, as I chose a faucet with a pull-down sprayer but if one didn’t have a sprayer that can be moved around the sink, it could be a problem.

Well, there you have it, the centerpiece of my kitchen! You also got a sneak peak of our cabinets and granite counters as well! Looking forward to sharing the rest of the kitchen with you in the future!


2 thoughts on “Stainless Farmhouse Sink, the Centerpiece of the Kitchen

  1. Hi!

    I was searching top-mount sinks and found your site!!

    Thank you for the pictures and the thoughts regarding it. I found this exact sink on Amazon and wondered if it would work for our home. I am a mom of many {in the process of adopting #13} and so our kitchen gets lots of use.

    We are upgrading the kitchen of our home, which we recently bought, because it had ceramic tile countertops {UGLY}….anyway, I am trying to decide…I really want a butcher block island, but the sink is in the island!!

    Do you think that this top-mount/apron sink would work with butcher block?? I would still do granite for the run of counters…but long for the homey/natural look of butcher block for the island..but couldn’t think of a sink that would work without wrecking the butcher block, until I saw this. Thoughts?

    PS I am sitting in Africa where I am visiting my daughter who started a home here for special needs orphans. She’s away on an overnight with her hubby and I’m watching my little grandtreasure. Crazy how the internet allows people in Africa to view our web stuff.

    PSS. By the way, what color is your granite? We have UbaTuba in mind, but am concerned it might be too green with our walls which we just are in the midst of painting Lazy Gray {hinting toward blue} by Sherwin Williams. We kind of loved a countertop similar to yours, but can’t remember what it was called…our cabinets are light/medium cherry and the island is going to be painted white.

    1. Oh I’m so sorry for the late reply…I had a baby right around when you posted this! I love our sink. Most people do undermount with granite but I love the look of the top mount! It makes it look more like a farmhouse apron sink. I was actually going to put in butcher block counters before I decided to go with the granite, so I think it would work. I would take a look at the stencil on the Kohler website and just make sure that whomever will be cutting your butcher block will be able to cut the opening as it has some little notches that have to be cut out (its not just a plain square opening). It’s not terribly difficult but just wanted to let you know.

      Our granite color is called Koala. It has a very gray undertone to it with the black and white spots. Best of luck with the kitchen update and now that I am getting past having a baby I will be back with posting, so please visit again and I’d love to see a picture of your finished kitchen!

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