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Vinyl Plank Floors!

Well our beautiful new floors are going in upstairs! I love them! We wanted something incredibly durable and waterproof (hello dogs and child). After doing research on all different types of flooring we fell in love with the idea of vinyl click planks. Easy to install and will last a long time! They can even be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc.

Now, vinyl used to be shunned as a cheap flooring, but oh how things have changed! Vinyl plank flooring can be just as expensive as nice hardwood floors and it is actually the “new” thing according to the flooring specialists we spoke with. We actually had trouble finding one in our price range! However, I was persistent and found a great one online.


We purchased 1500 sq feet of Feather Lodge Shark Plank Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Sugar Hill from (I am in no way being compensated, etc. from these companies, just sharing our choice and review). We also purchased 1500 sq ft of a 6mm visqueen moisture barrier. Moisture barrier is actually not a necessity when it comes to vinyl but the company recommended it in order to increase friction between the floating floor and the subfloor (Yes, i’m sure it was just an up-sale, but we got it anyways).

This particular flooring has a beautiful color and texture. There are lighter areas and wood texture throughout. This complements nicely with the rich brown color of the plank. I like this because instead of the flooring looking country it looks more “modern farmhouse”. Which is exactly what I wanted!

The flooring also installs fairly easily for the average DIY-er. It can be cut with a utility knife and clicks together snuggly with maybe a little gentle taps from a tapping block or something similar. We made sure to follow all of the manufacturer recommendations as well for installation.

As far as wear goes, this particular plank is 4.2mm and waterproof (some only say water resistant fyi but I’m not sure if they are actually any different). Other than that, we haven’t had it long enough to determine how easily it scratches. I’ll have to let you know in the future! I can say, however, that for now I’m in love with them! Can’t wait to add the baseboards! For now, my daughter’s messy toys will have to hide the lack there of!



4 thoughts on “Vinyl Plank Floors!

    1. So sorry for the crazy late reply. Yes I would def recommend it. Careful with anything sharp sliding across it but otherwise I still love them. I never have yo worry about the dog or little kid farmhands spilling things. Let me know ow if you decided to get them…would love to see how you like them.

    1. We have had them for over three years now and a few scratches from sliding chairs or furniture across it but otherwise I still love them. Just can’t beat a waterproof floor!!

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