Gray is the new beige

Well a lot has happened over the past month but I’ll just talk about my love for our new inside paint color! Gray is definitely the new beige. If you follow any of the home TV channels you may have noticed as well. While beige used to be the neutral everyone ran to, it has now been replaced with gray! Sounds like an easy enough color to pick but if you aren’t careful you will end up with purple-gray or maybe even too dark of a gray. We chose “place of dust”, a rather fitting name, from a company based out of the area called Richard’s Paint (again, I’m not advertising or have any affiliation). 

If you are a Pinterest fan search for gray rooms or decor and you will see how versatile gray can be. My favorite is to keep the whole room very neutral. Lots of grays, maybe some beige, blue, or white. Adding details instead of color creates such a neat look! Gray patterned pillows will accent the gray wall in my future living room. In the master bedroom the bedding is also gray with pillows in shades of gray. Have fun with different patterns and textures! Love it!