Reclaimed wood sign

I am obsessed with reclaimed wood usually in the form of old pallets. My mom’s birthday was this month so I decided to take a break from the remodel to make her an old looking sign.


1. Computer/printer
2. Pallet (or some type of reclaimed wood)
3. Black and white paint (whatever kind works, you will be watering it down anyways)
4. Some type of flat, smoothing device like the bottom of a sharpie or in my case…a fan remote. 🙂 whatever works!
5. Furring strips or some type of thin pieces of wood
6. Nails
7. Small paintbrush
8. Rag or paintbrush to apply water

After hammering off each piece of pallet, I hammered on some furring strips I had lying around to hold all four pallet pieces together. I just used some trim nails I also had lying around. If you have stronger ones it would make hammering easier as my trim nails wanted to bend!

I also chose to white wash the front of the sign so it would match my mom’s home better. It helped with the words being more visible as well. Just mix water and white paint to the concentration of paint that you like. Try it out on a scrap piece or the back of the sign. You can always add more so start out with a very watery concentration at first. Let this dry before applying words.

Next, find a saying or quote that you love! Print it out on your computer making sure to have it print mirror image or backwards.

Now, after placing your words where you want them on your wood (words face down) take a cloth or paint brush and wet the paper enough to see the words show through. As u do this, you can gently press down to get the words to kind of “stick” to the wood so they don’t move around as much.  Now take an object that has a rounded edge (mine was the back of a small remote) and rub the back of each letter. Do this gently so you don’t rip the paper. This is what transfers the ink to the wood so make sure you rub each letter individually and well.

This will leave a light version of the words on the wood. To make them stand out more, water down black paint and use a small paintbrush to lightly go over each letter. I watered down my black paint a lot (maybe about 1 cup water to one small squirt of craft paint) because I only wanted to put a VERY thin layer of color on the letters. This helps the sign to look aged.
There you have it! A beautiful and rustic sign! I love it. I will definitely be making myself one!