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Family and Farm goals for 2018

With the quickly approaching new year I am finding myself pondering what I want to accomplish this coming year. I have an endless list of possibilities but I am going to try and focus my efforts to a few important things for my family and farm.

#1. Health

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. After two surgeries and radiation, I was considered “in remission” in 2008 and have been ever since. Having this history, and having little farmhands to nurture, I feel like health is my #1 goal in the upcoming year. I will begin this with how my family and I eat. Overall, we try to make healthy choices but I’ve noticed we have a tendency to slip down the slippery slope of unhealthy food habits.

Anyone who knows me also knows I believe strongly in Nerium’s Youth Factor antioxidant and superfoods powder and will definitely make it a priority to have that daily.  It just makes it so easy to get hearty servings of fruits and vegetables.

I would also like to strive for a more ovo-vegan lifestyle. I don’t think there is anything wrong with eating meat (I believe God has given us animals for not only friendship but to provide a SMALL part of our nutrition). However, I do think the American diet focuses too much on meat and I believe God is not happy with how commercially raised animals are treated.  Since it is very difficult to find meat from animals that were properly treated, I feel I will strive to avoid meat. Knowing myself, I know I will not be perfect at this but I will strive to do my best. We own chickens and know they are loved and cared-for, so I will be happy to continue eating their delicious eggs.

The benefits of choosing a more vegetable-based diet is that, obviously, you eat more vegetables! A plus for my whole family, as I do most of the cooking.

#2 Minimalize

I wrote a previous post about pursing a more simple life and minimalism. You can find it here. I want to continue that pursuit and dive deeper into making life less stressful and “stuff” centered. I want to continue focusing on family time. One big thing here is spending less time on our phones. I appreciate the access to information or friends our phones can provide but I also know it can be an addiction that I don’t want in my life. Along with quality family time, I want to remember to show more love: more hugs, more hand holding,  more snuggles, and more fun! Those are the things my family will always remember.

#3 Add additional animal(s) to the farm.

I would prefer these animals be from a rescuing situation but I will be happy to add any animal that needs a home. My animal of choice is goats as I have read endlessly about their proper care. Our property was recently cleared and we are currently putting new fences in. Not only does this keep our dog (and chickens) in the right places, it also provides a safe area for future animals.

With these goals in mind, I will be welcoming the new year. Now I can concentrate on how I will accomplish these goals and break them down into a more workable  form. I look forward to the results of working towards these important aspects of my life and the effect it will have on my family and farm.