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Embracing Minimalism and Decluttering

My relationship with stuff has changed.

It began gradually and has strengthened over the last few months. I want my life back. I’m tired of cleaning or thinking that I need to clean. My children and husband have always been my priority but when I’m with my family I want to really be WITH my family. I don’t want to be stressing about what needs to be done.  By no means am I a hoarder. In fact, I strive to keep a generally clean home. However, I was still bothered by the anxiety associated with clutter. At first, I thought I needed to not be so sensitive about it and learn to come to terms with having a few extra things here and there. That didn’t work… So I knew I needed (and wanted) to reclaim the joy of motherhood and homemaking again! But how?

I’m doing it with my own form of minimalism.

Minimalism?  So you will have an empty house and your kids will have no toys? No way!  Let’s start off with talking about what minimalism is (and isn’t) and how it will work in my family-filled farmhouse.

Just to prove that minimalism doesn’t mean kids can’t have fun still.

Minimalism isn’t about owning a certain amount of things or living in a tiny house. Minimalism is a tool and a way of life. It’s about being intentional in what I have or bring into my home. It’s about not having clutter in my spaces and my mind. It means not buying things just because. It’s knowing what is truly important in my home and those are the things allowed to stay in it.

Have you ever finished cleaning a room and just basked in the feeling of the clean room? That’s how minimalism feels. Except, you don’t have to clean all day to get it. Will I still have to clean? Yes. Will I still get dishes in my sink and children’s toys scattered on the floor? Yes. But each of those items were chosen to stay in this home and all have a place where they will go.

Additionally, I can not only focus on my family more but also on my Heavenly Father and spiritual matters. Cleanliness is next to Godliness after all.

I’m already mid the journey of decluttering/minimalizing my house and it feels amazing so far. You know those items you have held onto because someday you would get that project done or because “so and so” gave it to you. I’m letting go of those things. It feels amazing. It’s very freeing. I don’t have the stress of ignored projects lying about or the guilt of not using something that I was given. I know someone will find great use and joy in these things that I no longer need.

There was one day that I truly got angry. I was angry that this stuff has distracted me from focusing on my children and my husband. I was angry with the world and the push for everything bigger and better. If you haven’t seen “Minimalism” on Netflix then go watch it. It’s fascinating.  They also have a book and a podcast if that’s more your thing. I doubt I will ever have as few things as they do but that’s not the point! The point is that the things I will have will bring me happiness and have a real purpose.

 I am definitely aware that I have a long way to go. I’m already seeing the difference in my home though and I love it. I’m excited to see how I can find a happy blend of family, farmhouse, and minimalism. Feel free to join me on the journey as I know this will be a life changing choice for me.