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How I can be a Stay-at-home Mom

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I recently gave birth to a new little farmhand. A chubby, cute, boy farmhand. Farmhand boy will compliment farmhand girl very nicely. With our new little one, my husband and I decided that it was time for me to be a 100% stay-at-home mom. I was actually pretty spoiled as a working mother as I only worked one 12-hour night shift per week (Registered Nurse). I feel very blessed to have the ability to do this. I know this doesn’t work for all families. I want to share with you what made it possible for us and I share this in hope that it can inspire and help someone else who has the desire to be a stay-at-home mom also. If this is you or someone you know please don’t ignore what I have to say…


I joined a relationship marketing company: Nerium International. An antiaging company with products for the face, body, and brain. I know, I know, right about now you are thinking, “Great, an advertisement for a pyramid scheme company!”. No, not at all. Pyramid schemes are completely illegal. In a pyramid scheme, only a choice few will earn a large amount of money or earn a car. In Nerium, I personally know many people that have earned large amounts of money and even more people that have qualified for a car. In the mean time, I’m so grateful for my monthly income that compliments my husband’s. It is why I am allowed this wonderful time with my children.

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Now with so many relationship marketing companies out there…why Nerium International?

I was introduced to the company by my mother (one of the people I personally know that has qualified for her Lexus). She is a highly experienced esthtetician and has worked in expensive antiaging medical offices. She has tried everything on the market and now ONLY recommends and uses Nerium. Antiaging is an enormous industry. Everyone wants to look as young as they feel or improve their skin in some way. With my interest peaked, I wanted to know the research (I am an RN after all). The thing I love most about the products from Nerium International is that Nerium International didn’t discover them but markets them only. Real ivy-league research facilities and hospitals ( ie: Biotechnology, Signum Laboratories at Princeton University) discovered and researched the products, and picked Nerium International to share them with the world.  I also like research about the SAFETY of the products and I have access to all of the safety materials and information to share with others as well.

If you are wondering why the ivy-league facilities chose Nerium it is because not only are the brand partners well trained and capable, but Nerium has a CEO that is sought after for his knowledge and experience. Even more important, it isnt all about profits, profits, profits…Nerium gives a large portion back to the research facilities and in some cases can now completely fund much of their future research. It’s a wonderful use of funds. Additionally, Nerium International just passed NIKE in leading contributors to Big brothers, Big Sisters!  Brand partners are also encouraged to actually become a big brother or sister.


With this company, I don’t need to be an estethician or a skin or antiaging specialist. I let someone try the product, take before and after pictures, and let them decide for themselves. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you don’t like it but WOW do I LOVE seeing the faces of people when they see their after pictures. Now with the new EHT brain antiaging supplement I have been almost brought to tears seeing the improvement in people’s lives. I like knowing that I’m not just selling a product but I actually can improve people’s lives, self esteem, and future.


Lastly, and the whole reason I am able to be a stay-at-home Mom, is the compensation. The best thing about having products that actually work is that it sure makes it easy to keep existing customers and obtain new customers. In fact, the company has broken numerous sales records in comparison to other companies. Oh and once a brand partner joins the business they have the opportunity to earn products and ALL inventory for free. Now when I say inventory I don’t mean you have to keep a large stock of products. All sales are sent directly from the company to the customers so I don’t have to keep any products for sale on hand. My free inventory is for giving to people as trials and trying it for themselves for free. This is why it is easy to share the product with someone. “Here try this amazing bottle of cream that I didn’t even have to pay for, and you can get it free also!” 🙂

With high customer retention comes residual income. For example, my pregnancies are not easy. 20 weeks of incredible all day sickness is no fun. I barely did anything during that time with Nerium because I pretty much was just trying to survive. But guess what, I still made money! I seriously did absolutely nothing and still made money. Glorious.


Well there it is, my Nerium blessings. I’m so thankful to have a wonderful husband who supports me in staying home and I love being able to contribute financially while doing so. I’ve made so many wonderful friends during my time with Nerium and we all work together as a team. We love and support one another and are loving what we do. I hope this encourages you to dream. To think maybe you too can be a stay-at-home Mom or even just pay off some bills or buy a house. Whatever dream you have! If Nerium is not for you, then I still hope you pursue your goals in life and find what truly makes you happy.

Feel free to contact me and if you want more information you can always go to

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  1. Priscilla, I love your blog! thank you for sharing this and one day soon, I too will begin my journey back with Nerium!

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