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How to Whitewash a Chicken Coop

When I used to hear the word “whitewash” I would think of watered-down white paint (which I love also!).  Now, I think of an amazing way to coat a chicken coop and add mild antibiotic/mite protection as well. The whitewashing technique I’m referring to is using hydrated lime. This coats the inside of the chicken… Read More How to Whitewash a Chicken Coop

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Stainless Farmhouse Sink, the Centerpiece of the Kitchen

Well, I think it’s about time I introduce the centerpiece of my kitchen. I told my husband that I didn’t care what else was in the kitchen as long as I had THIS sink. The Kohler Vault Apron-Front stainless steel sink. If I wasn’t already in love with my husband and family, I would say… Read More Stainless Farmhouse Sink, the Centerpiece of the Kitchen


Reclaimed wood sign

I am obsessed with reclaimed wood usually in the form of old pallets. My mom’s birthday was this month so I decided to take a break from the remodel to make her an old looking sign.          Supplies: 1. Computer/printer 2. Pallet (or some type of reclaimed wood) 3. Black and white paint (whatever kind works, you… Read More Reclaimed wood sign


Hole be gone!

One of the biggest issues this house had was a big hole in an exterior wall. Along with this huge hole was old termite damage and rot on the wall and joists supporting the house. I think this issue scared a lot of people away from buying this home but not the Crawfords! Apparently, we enjoy… Read More Hole be gone!